Friday, July 22, 2011

Independent Chiropractic Laser Care Users Study

Laser care users were asked to name the patient complaints they had the most success with using laser care treatment. Here, extremity pain (knee, hand, foot, etc.) led the pack, as more than three quarters of DCs treated that complaint successfully. This was followed by neck and shoulder pain (72 percent), back pain (60 percent), TMJ disorders (41 percent), disc herniation (29 percent) and disc herniation with radiculopathy (27 percent).
Laser care users were then asked how their practice benefited from using laser care. Eighty-three percent of DCs reported better patient outcomes, followed by an increase in patient satisfaction with care (69 percent), increased referrals (42 percent), increased practice income (40 percent) and an enhanced reputation in their community (30 percent).
In the next question, we asked laser care users to assess a number of statements about their current laser provider. Ninety percent of laser care users are confident in the quality of their laser, while 92 percent believe in the philosophy of laser care. Not all users thought their laser was affordable. Here, 32 percent totally agreed, 30 percent somewhat disagreed, 27 percent somewhat agreed and 12 percent totally disagreed. Based upon the information provided with their laser, 45 percent totally agreed they were able to use it almost immediately, while 34 percent somewhat agreed, 11 percent somewhat disagreed and 10 percent totally agreed. Thirty-six percent of DCs totally agreed that they required additional information above what was included with the purchase before they were completely confident in using the laser, while 28 percent somewhat agree, 18 percent somewhat disagree and 18 percent totally disagree.
Not surprisingly, 92 percent of DCs who use laser care would recommend other DCs add laser care to their practice. When asked why, 75 percent said that it has been a very effective part of the treatment strategy, while 45 percent said their patients enjoy laser care and have referred others as a result of the laser care. Forty percent saw an increase in practice income and another 26 percent reported that the reputation of their practice has improved.
Thirty-three percent of laser care users revealed they use laser care on 10 percent or less of patients, while 31 percent said they use laser care on a quarter of their patients, 17 percent use it on half of their patients, 9 percent use it on three-quarters of their patients, and 11 percent use laser care on almost all of their patients.
Published by MPA Media, publishers of Dynamic Chiropractic, Nutritional Wellness, To Your Health and Dynamic Chiropractic Practice Insights. October 2010
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