Friday, October 12, 2012

Theralase Effective in the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction

Toronto, Ontario – October 12, 2012 -- Theralase Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: TLT) announced today that the Theralase therapeutic laser system, has been proven clinically effective in the treatment of tobacco addiction. 
The Theralase technology was clinically evaluated on over 500 subjects, who were heavy smokers, to validate if they were able to reduce their smoking by at least 25%, 30 days after receiving the Theralase laser treatment. The results of the clinical study demonstrated that 405 (73.8%) subjects had reduced their consumption of tobacco products by 25% or more, with 373 (92.0%) completely eliminating use and 32 of those subjects (8.0%) showing a reduction of at least 25%. 
Smoking is one of the most preventable illnesses that plague the American population. In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that smoking accounted for $96 billion a year in direct health care costs and an additional $97 billion a year in lost productivity. Smoking addiction is a complex condition, which can disrupt a person’s life, leading to severe health concerns, deterioration of major organs, incurable diseases and eventually pre-mature death. In fact, more deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides and murders combined, with cigarette smoking causing 1 out of every 5 deaths in the United States each year.
Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase stated that Due to the complexity of smoking addiction and the poor success rate that alternative cessation methods have had, this independent clinical study was commissioned to enroll 549 subjects, from a homogeneous, cosmopolitan population of heavy smokers. The treatment group consisted of a relatively equal representation of male and female subjects with an average age in the mid to late forties. A Theralase therapeutic laser system was applied to specific ear and body acupuncture points to determine if the subject could reduce their smoking consumption by 25% or more 30 days after treatment. The results of the clinical study demonstrated that at the 30 day follow-up end point, 405 (73.8%) subjects had met the outcome criteria and had reduced their consumption of tobacco products by 25% or more, with 373 of those subjects (92.0%) completely eliminating use of tobacco products and 32 of those subjects (8.0%) showing a reduction of at least 25%. This non-pharmacologic and non-invasive therapeutic modality exceeds the effectiveness of other therapeutic options currently available for smoking cessation treatment, including nicotine patch, nicotine gum and other pharmaceutical alternatives.”

Dr. Arkady Mandel, Chief Scientific Officer of Theralase said, “Due to the significant reduction in the consumption of tobacco products by 405 (73.8%) subjects by 25% or more at the 30 day follow-up end point, the Theralase laser technology may find itself as a first line approach to combatting long term tobacco addiction in the not too distant future. Theralase laser acupuncture treatments may represent a safe and effective alternative for reducing the amount of tobacco products consumed by smokers”.

About Theralase Technologies Inc.:
Theralase Technologies Inc., founded in 1995, designs, develops, manufactures and markets patented, superpulsed laser technology utilized in biostimulation and biodestruction applications. Theralase technology is safe and effective in treating pain, inflammation and for tissue regeneration of neural muscular skeletal conditions and wound healing in both humans and animals. Theralase complies with all FDA, Health Canada, CE and international regulatory approvals to produce clinically effective, safe and high quality products. Theralase also develops patented Photo Dynamic Compound (PDC) technology focused at targeting and destroying cancers, bacteria and viruses when light activated by Theralase’s proprietary and patented laser technologies.

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