Monday, May 9, 2011

6 Reasons to Incorporate Low Level Laser Therapy into your Practice

  • Numerous treatment capabilities from Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) include treatment of: arthritis, tendon and ligament problems, nerve root irritation, neck, shoulder and back pain, repetitive stress injuries, TMJ, plantar fascitis, burns, wounds, acne, skin conditions, acupuncture and trigger points, addiction treatments & more. LLLT causes certain photochemical reactions to occur to help control pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing of damaged tissue.
  • Fast, efficient and painless treatment: Low level laser therapy is painless and gives great clinical results with a minimum time involvement. Low level laser therapy will increase your patient compliance and satisfaction through efficient and highly effective treatment.
  • You will grow your practice by providing additional proven pain management, injury and wound care rehabilitation to your existing patient base. Many patients have claimed that the laser is what made the difference in accelerating their healing and getting them well. You will find that many returning patients specifically request to have laser therapy.
  • You will attract new patients, which will seek your care due to the need for therapeutic laser rehabilitation treatments. Referrals will come in from medical doctors, healthcare practitioners and coaches who know you use low-level laser therapy.
  • Set your clinic apart from the competition by providing the most modern form of therapeutic technology.
  • Increase profitability of your practice though more treatment options & additional billable services.
Theralase Technologies Inc. (TSXV : TLT) designs, develops and manufactures patented, super-pulsed laser technology used in a wide range of bio-stimulation and bio-destruction clinical applications. The Theralase technology platform targets several diverse healthcare sectors firstly, for non-invasive pain management and clinical therapy, in hundreds of neural muscular skeletal conditions, (including arthritis) secondly, to bio-stimulate and accelerate wound care and healing, (including; bone fracture regeneration and osteoarthritic conditions) and thirdly, combining photodynamic compounds with super-pulsed, biofeedback laser technology to attack specifically targeted cancers, bacterium, viruses and fat cells.
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