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Theralase Quarterly Newsletter

May 2011
Theralase Quarterly Newsletter
An update for clients, investors and employees

New Territory Sales Managers Hired
As previously announced we have segmented the Canadian and US markets and hired 7 new Territory Sales Managers. We can utilise dedicated sales personnel to meet increasing demand and better service our existing clients. We are confident our new strategy will help Theralase expand into the larger US market and significantly increase the sale of our medical lasers in 2011 and beyond.
·         Lance Arianna will head up the US South Central territory. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Mr. Arianna brings over 20 years of medical sales experience to the table selling medical lasers, capital medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
·         Gary Kazimer will head up the Western Canada territory. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Mr. Kazimer has over 22 years of medical sales experience in the area of medical diagnostic equipment and has sold lasers into both the ophthalmic and aesthetic medical markets in Western Canada.
·         Marino Ricci will head up the Eastern Canada territory. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Mr. Ricci is fully bilingual and has been selling medical devices, lasers and aesthetic products into the Quebec and Maritimes market for more than 8 years.
·         James Vaughn will head up the US North East territory. Based out of Long Island, New York, Mr. Vaughn has over 13 years of medical sales experience and over 10 years selling capital medical equipment, including medical lasers, into New York area hospitals and private medical practices.
·         Brad Green will be covering the Southeast portion of the United States. He has over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry with 7 years as a process and product development engineer, and 14 years as a sales professional which includes 5 years in a managerial role. He has represented a variety of different products sold to hospitals, physician offices, veterinary facilities and acute/secondary care centers.
·         Kim Hillman will be covering the Western US Region for Theralase.  With over 2 years direct experience in laser sales and over 8 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Kim has developed key relationships with thought leaders in the medical community across the Western region.  Including the last 10 years in the Medical Industry, Kim has a total of 25 years in Sales & Marketing.
·         Derek McDonald will be covering the Ontario region in Canada. He has over 23 years in professional sales, with 13 years in surgical and medical laser sales.

To support the marketing efforts of our Territory Sales Managers, Jules Gervais has been appointed as an Inside Sales Representative. Jules brings 9 years of professional sales experience to Theralase.
The addition of these new experienced professional sales representatives and our recently announced focused marketing program, combined with the improving economies in the United States and Canada, Theralase is well positioned for future growth.

Chief Scientific Officer Appointed
Dr. Arkady Mandel M.D., Ph.D., DSc. is not only an esteemed medical professional and an internationally respected scientist, but also an experienced executive manager of research and development teams dedicated to the field of biotechnology and drug development. We look forward to working with Dr. Mandel to lead the research and development of our core technologies through to commercialization; specifically, our patented photo dynamic technology platform for the treatment of cancer and eradication of bacteria and viruses, as well as our patented super-pulsed biofeedback laser technology used for the treatment of inflammation and pain in numerous medical conditions.

General Manager Appointed for Its Therapeutic Division
Mr. Jorge Cordoba BEng., M.Sc. MBA has over 16 years of experience in leading numerous high technology manufacturing companies to success, providing general management expertise in local and international sales, marketing, production, operations and regulatory affairs. As General Manager of its Therapeutic Division, Mr. Cordoba will be able to help take Theralase’s patented intellectual property to the next level and dramatically increase its revenue over the next few years.

Sporting Life 10K Run
On May 1st, 2011 Theralase participated in the Sporting Life’s 10K run in Toronto, for Kids with Cancer in support of Camp Oochigeas.
The event was a great success, drawing over 15,000 runners. Each participant was given a promotional card entitling them to one free laser treatment at a participating Theralase clinic. Theralase also was able to treat quite a few athletes at our own tent set up at the finish line of the race. I am also pleased to inform you that the event also surpassed our expectations in terms of the amount of people we were able to treat onsite after the race.
During these treatments on Sunday, several people commented on the immediate therapeutic benefits of the Theralase laser treatment, reporting significant improvements in their various conditions such as knee, lower back, and ankle pain. Not only do these testimonials help confirm the efficacy of our technology, they also help to promote and build awareness for our brand and our therapeutic offerings.
Given our ongoing research with Princess Margaret Hospital, and our interest in giving back to our local community, Theralase will be sponsoring additional runs, walks and races in the Greater Toronto Area in 2011. All of these events are in support of the fight against cancer.
In the last few days, several people have called us to schedule their free treatment. I expect that other participating clinics will receive similar requests. To our participating chiropractic clients, physiotherapists and medical practitioners, we would appreciate hearing from you about this initial sponsorship program, the patient response, and any other ideas you might have. Your input will help us to better plan and execute these programs in the future.

Centers of Excellence
Our first Centers of Excellence program will be taking place May 18th at the Chiropractic Center of Lakeland in Florida. Dr. Stephen Johnson and Brad Green will be facilitating the event.
The objective of the Centres of Excellence program will be to educate chiropractors in an informal format about the benefits of the Theralase laser technology and how it will help grow their practice.
There are 4 more Centres of Excellence programs scheduled over the next 6 weeks throughout North America.

Equine Sales Team Launch
The Company launched a laser sales team dedicated to the sale of the Company’s products to the equine industry. The Theralase equine sales team supplies therapeutic medical laser technology to veterinarians, horse owners and trainers. Theralase lasers are able to reduce pain and inflammation, while stimulating the growth of new tissue, substantially speeding the return of their equine athletes to top performance.
To accomplish this, Theralase has added an experienced sales team to service the horse industry, including Doug Nash and David Groves. Mr. Nash has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the standard bred industry and is an instructor teaching courses through Equine Guelph and the REACH campus at the University of Guelph. Mr. Groves, President, Equine World Sales Division has been with Theralase for 5 years and has over 20 years experience in the North American healthcare market successfully launching healthcare products.
The Company is delighted to have two seasoned professionals, Doug and David, to head up our equine sales efforts. All members bring decades of hands-on experience to the table, which will ultimately benefit the Company in both expanded knowledge of the horse industry and increased revenue.
The sales team is supported by Dr.Terry Ruch DVM, and a member of Theralase’s Medical Advisory Team. Dr. Ruch is a graduate of the University of Guelph (1974) and has devoted his practice to equine medicine – focusing on the diagnostic and orthopaedic examination of equine athletes. He has been deeply involved with equine sports medicine for the past 37 years and is highly regarded in his field.

Research Updates
Theralase Achieves Success in Destruction of Listeria Bacteria
As previously announced Theralase has developed a new application for its Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDC's); specifically, the destruction of Listeria Monocytogenes, a widely prevalent disease causing bacteria.
The patented Theralase PDCs have shown an ability to destroy bacteria in vitro when light activated, in new research performed at the renowned Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network (UHN). Future applications of the PDC technology in bacteria destruction may involve: food safety through food processing equipment sterilization, hospital treatment room sterilization, medical equipment sterilization, bacterial load elimination in wounds and other bacteria destruction applications.
Dr. Lothar Lilge, a scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute located at Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network adds, "Our initial research has demonstrated that the PDC destruction of bacteria is possible. Under further research and development these PDCs represent an opportunity in the area of bacterial destruction for food safety and hospital sterilization."
Theralase Cancer Therapy Trials Prove Safety of Patented Compounds
As previously announced Theralase has successfully completed the pre-clinical safety testing in an in vivo mouse model, the next step in the commercialization of its innovative Photo Dynamic Compound (PDC) platform technology. The Theralase patented PDC's comprise a family of novel drug candidates under evaluation from the company's proprietary PDC inventory focused on oncological indications.
Lothar Lilge Ph.D., the principal investigator of the Theralase PDC cancer compound technology at the Ontario Cancer Institute of the renowned Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network stated that, "For the four lead PDCs under investigation the Mean Tolerated Dose (MTD) was determined in an established in-vivo pre-clinical safety model and was well tolerated by animals at levels comparable to and above that of other FDA approved photosensitizers. Results demonstrate that the observed MTD was ten times higher than clinical doses of photosensitizers currently employed in medical practice. This provides the basis of a strong safety and tolerability profile of the patented Theralase PDCs. It also provides the required data to allow our research to proceed to the next stage; specifically, the determination of the effectiveness of the Theralase PDCs in the selective destruction of cancerous tumours growth and metastatic spread, while preserving normal tissue. We will also evaluate skin photosensitivity and the tissue selectivity of the PDCs to cancer versus normal tissue structures during treatment. I am encouraged by the results achieved to date and my team looks forward to establishing the efficacy of the Theralase PDCs in these established cancer models, as our research progresses."

A New Focus at Theralase
These are exciting times at Theralase. The many developments in research and product development will create a significant opportunity for the Company. The marketplace has adopted our patented, super-pulsed laser technology as the industry standard. Our technology is proved to be safe and effective in the treatment of chronic pain, neural muscular-skeletal conditions and wound care.
The addition of experienced medical sales professionals, a focused marketing plan, an improving US economy and the public’s desire for high efficacy, drug-free treatments in an aging population places us in an enviable position for future growth. In addition, an exciting new Theralase Website will be launched in the next few weeks.

About Theralase Technologies Inc.
Theralase Technologies Inc. designs, develops and manufactures patented, super-pulsed laser technology utilized in bio-stimulation and bio-destruction applications in the United States, Canada and internationally. The technology is safe and effective in the treatment of chronic pain, neural muscular-skeletal conditions and wound care. These applications extend to the care of animals by veterinarians. When combined with patented light-sensitive Photo Dynamic Compounds, Theralase laser technology is able to specifically target and destroy cancers, bacteria and viruses.
Theralase Technologies Inc. trades on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange under the trading symbol TLT.
For sales information, please contact Kristina Hachey at 1-866-843-5273
For investor information, please contact Greg Bewsh at 1-866-843-5273

This Quarterly Newsletter may contain forward-looking statements which reflect the Company's current expectations regarding future events. The forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those projected herein.


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