Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Invest in Theralase?

  • Proven clinical technology (TLC-1000)
  • Commercial therapeutic laser business and brand developed over last 17 years
  • No debt
  • Positive cash flow / double digit growth
  • PDC cancer destruction in animals helps pay for human trials
  • Competitive technical advantage (Cellular pathways: iNOS, ATP, Na+ / K+)
  • Large addressable US market ($ billions)
  • Future technology (Patented biofeedback technology and patented PDC cancer destruction)
  • Opportunity for growth (revenue, profit)
  • IP protection (multiple issued patents)
  • Experienced management team (20+ years)
  • Clear vision and execution strategy
For more information please contact Greg Bewsh at 1-866-843-5273 or visit 

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