Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Press Release - Theralase Light Activated Photo Dynamic Compounds Successfully Destroy E. coli Bacteria

Advanced Research Planned For Early Commercial Sterilization Program
Toronto, Ontario – September 14, 2011 Theralase Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: TLT) announced today that it has developed a new application for its patented Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDCs); specifically, the destruction of Escherichia coli, commonly known as E. coli, a widely prevalent disease causing bacteria.
The patented Theralase PDCs have shown an ability to destroy bacteria when light activated, in new research performed under the direction of Theralase’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Arkady Mandel. Future applications of this newly discovered use of PDC technology to destroy bacteria include: enhanced food safety through sterilization of food processing equipment, hospital treatment room and medical equipment sterilization, implant sterilization and other bacteria destruction applications.
Escherichia coli is a rod-shaped bacterium that has been known to cause food poisoning in humans. The most recent outbreak has killed hundreds of people and made thousands sick internationally, directly impacting the food supply. European farmers alone claimed to have lost up to US$611 million a week as recently as May and June of this year.
Moreover, E. coli is one of the top 4 pathogen causing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that HAIs have led to US$45 billion in healthcare costs annually and have resulted in nearly 100,000 deaths per year, making HAIs the fourth leading cause of death.
Dr. Arkady Mandel, Chief Scientific Officer at Theralase Inc. stated, “Our research has repeatedly demonstrated that our Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) destruction of E. coli bacteria is effective and represents a significant opportunity in the area of disinfection and sterilization of bacterial pathogens that may cause serious and potentially life-threatening illness. Although most people recover within seven to ten days after infection, at risk groups such as: pregnant women, individuals with compromised immune systems, young children and the elderly are most at risk for developing serious complications. Complications may include: seizures, strokes and renal system damage, forcing individuals to require blood transfusions and kidney dialysis. In extreme cases of illness, death.
Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase stated that, “We are encouraged that our patented Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDCs) are proving effective in so many varied applications. Not only are these PDCs being shown to be effective in the destruction of cancer cells, but now they are also being shown to be effective in the destruction of various types of bacteria, including Listeria and E. coli. Commercialization of these technologies becomes more and more apparent, as our research and development progresses, allowing us the opportunity to introduce these technologies to the world in a variety of diverse applications.”
Mr. Dumoulin-White added “In developing and commercializing this new application of our patented PDC technology Theralase plans to work with a variety of organizations, including: food processing organisations, food processing equipment manufacturers, academic institutions, hospitals, medical practitioners and medical equipment manufacturers interested in bacterial destruction applications.”
About Theralase Technologies Inc.
Theralase Technologies Inc. founded in 1995, designs, develops, manufactures and markets patented, superpulsed laser technology utilized in biostimulation and biodestruction applications. The technology is safe and effective in the treatment of chronic pain, neural muscular-skeletal conditions and wound care. When combined with its patented, light-sensitive Photo Dynamic Compounds, Theralase laser technology is able to specifically target and destroy cancers, bacteria, viruses as well as microbial pathogens associated with food contamination. For further information please visit
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